Tips on Buying an Electric Skateboard – Skatetek Electric Skateboard

Here are a few ways to ask the right questions and tips on what is a good electric skateboard.All skateboard companies will boast that they have the best products. Ultimately it boils down to a few simple key factors.

  1. The most important and I stress the most important question of all in the history of electric skateboard issss , battery range, let’s face it, you are buying an electric skateboard to ride as far as you can, as long as you can  , you want to go and go and go and go, the battery is your gas tank ,a good branded battery and high amps determines your hours of fun. Sony and Samsung lithium batteries are currently the best in the market. Only a few companies offer these for electric skateboards. Lead acid batteries are way too heavy and have a very short range, trust me , lithium is the way to go, you will spend more money but will have more fun and longer range , after all that’s the purpose of buying and electric skateboard. P.s the battery is the most expensive component in an electric skateboard.
  2. I do not understand why people pay 2000 dollars for a street only electric skateboard that only has a battery range of 6 miles. Is it the smartness of the selleradvertising, or the dumbness of the buyer for not doing homework?You want to travel 6 miles, get a conventional $80.00 skateboard.
  3. Second is type of motor, the brushless motor is currently the best as you can’t turn on a dime with a 60 lbs skateboard , so you need a brushless motor to provide reverse. You also need to have motor protection against overheating, if that occurs. Once again, you are buying and electric skateboard for ease of use, to make your life easy and fun.
  4. Forget the deckdesign, it’s just a piece of designed printed grip tape, hell you can design it yourself unless it is custom airbrushed , The new bamboo decks are much more durable, lighter and stronger than the maple decks, (Indonesian Bamboo is awesome) you may also want to find a brand that is constantly upgrading its technology, let’s face it, tech is moving forward, you want to be able to keep up, the old 800 watt skateboards are history, they are old, old tech, old control modules, old brushed motors, all old. Get with the tech. New tech has provided much safer electric skateboards , much faster , high torque and much lighter boards. (Check out Skatetek Raptor)
  5. Wireless remote controls have improved. It has been TechEd up from 2.4 g to 3 g.
  6. Let’s talk about the trucks. Old metal steel trucks are heavy and buckle easily if your board hits the side walk. New technology is the magnesium alloy trucks which are lighter and stronger; these materials are used in the manufacture of aircraft.

Courtesy of SkatetekInc