Skatetek introduces a powerful & stylish electric skateboard

An electric skateboard isn’t a new invention. These boards are fast and incredibly FUN!! They give a sensation of flying extremely low. When a person looks around and forward, it feels like they are gliding 6 inches off the road. Instead of taking cars for short trips, people prefer gliding their way to the morning newspaper stack and back.

It is quite easy to ride motorized skateboards, even if you have never been on them before. Perhaps, they are much more easier than regular skateboards as you can have your both feet on the deck. An electric skateboard can be controlled using a controller that manages the acceleration and braking. Although it can be a lot of fun, the bulky batteries make it quite burdensome and not-so-fun to use. Therefore, Skatetek has come up with Skullator – an electric skateboard that is not only stylish, but also, powerful to give you an easy ride through any terrain.


Let’s begin with the looks, because you definitely would want to show it off on the road. Our most popular Skullator model is a yellow-colored street surfer. It has an airbrushed skull-printed design and a deck made out of Canadian Maple Wood. Skullator has attractive pieces of hardware including four-wheels, a brushless motor and batteries. It is powered using one of the finest aircraft grade components .


The Skullator along with its battery weighs 28 kg/61 Lbs. It can withstand a maximum load up to 150 kg (330 Lbs).


Skullator has an ability to reach a top speed of 50km/hr (31 mph) and has a motor power of whooping 1500 watt. Thanks to its all terrain super-grip air tires, you can ride this bad boy anywhere, from sandy beach pavements to grassy sidewalks. Are you into dirt skateboarding? No worries, the skullator is prepared to tackle even the muddy road terrains.


This motorized skateboard allows you to get from point A to B without having to put much efforts. All that the rider needs to do is control the speed using a wireless remote controller and of course, maintaining a balance, too.


The board features an ABS braking system allowing the novice skateboarders to gradually slow down as they approach a downhill or a stop sign. Skullator takes the safety and utility of a longboard to a whole new level.


The lithium battery takes about 3 to 5 hours for charging and has an input voltage of 90-250v.

Now let’s Start Riding

Being on Skullator electric skateboard is one of the best feelings of motion you will ever experience – more than riding a motorcycle or even driving a car. It provides both – body engagement of a sport and the performance of a vehicle. Skatetek caters urban commuters, professionals, beginners and anybody who is looking to have some skating-fun.

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