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The History of the Electric Skateboard

It should come as no surprise that at Skatetek we’re big fans of motorized boards. We’re not the only ones though. We follow in the footsteps of some inventive boarders, who at the end of the day, just didn’t think they were going fast enough.

Have you noticed the same trend we have? It started when the Horse & Buggy, became the car. Then the bicycle became the motorcycle. So, it doesn’t really seem like a stretch that the skateboard became the electric skateboard, does it? Putting a motor on a form of transportation that didn’t start out with one, is kind of what we do. First, you make it go. Then, you make it go faster, go further, go for longer! Skateboard, meet the twenty first century, we think you’ll like it here.

In fact, the electric skateboard got its start in the 1970s when a few avid boarders weren’t having as much fun as they could getting from point A to point B. Using the engines they liberated from their parents lawn mowers, weed whackers and chainsaws, they attached the motors to their boards, and bam – created the first electric skateboard. Somehow, I doubt that this is what their parents meant when they said “go mow the lawn.” Regardless, they started a revolution. That’s what innovation is all about. You take something good, and make it even better.

By the 1990s, electric boards on the shelves – not the kind Macgyvered together with spare parts and borrowed motors – set you back upwards of $1500, that’s over $2000 in 2015 dollars! And they weren’t nearly as sleek as they are today. The logistics of these boards was still being worked out. Their heavy motors, and batteries with short life spans were throwing off the balance of the boards significantly. Remote controls were usually connected with cords, and you couldn’t really go all that fast, for all that long. They were good, but they were about to become so much better.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that electric skateboards were getting the R&D they needed to hit the shelves in a big way. Smaller electric motors, stronger batteries, and more reliable wireless technologies were being improved. We didn’t waste any time getting this technology on our boards.

At Skatetek, we’ve done our research. We’re not the least expensive board out there, and we have no interest in being that board. We use the highest quality of the best technology we can source. On our boards you can zip around at go up to 59 km/hour using the 3G wireless remote controller. Not only that, but you can be on the road for up to 40km before you have to recharge, which takes 2-4 hours using our Sony Lifepo 4 batteries. Choose from our seven different models featuring 150 Watt to 3500 Watt powers.

Whether you’re looking for a more environmentally conscious and convenient way to get to work, or you’re looking to upgrade your current board, we have the electric skateboard for you.