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Leading Suppliers of Electric Skateboards

A Message From The CEO Of Skatetek Inc

We are not the cheapest electric skateboard producers out there, and we refuse to be the cheapest, we will not compromise the safety of our customers and the quality of our products over a few dollars.

Our Electric Skateboards are manufactured under strict international standards  and our further advancement in technology, research and development  is what makes us number 1 in the world today.

Alvin Naicker
CEO Skatetek Inc

Are you the ultimate thrill-seeker?

If so, you have come to the right place! We are currently the worlds most advanced, manufacturer, online professional retailer, distributor and supplier of high quality wireless electric skateboards currently available on the market. As we currently specialize in just wireless electric skateboards we are able to offer unique designs of quality boards at extremely competitive rates. We offer great selection, all ranging from deck size and shape, maximum speed, weight, and distant range.

We currently offer seven different models ranging from 150Watt to 3500Watt. All our electric skateboards come equipped with ABS braking system to allow the rider to slow down or stop without the wheels locking and potentially throwing the rider off. All boards come with the latest 3G wireless hand held remote controller.

Electric skateboards are perfect solution for your transportation needs. Whether you ride it to work or to the store, cruise around the campus, or are just looking for new thrill, the electric skateboard delivers. These Skateboards are Amazing, Exciting, Thrilling and Fun to ride! Once you have ridden our electric skateboards you will never look back.

10 reasons why you should buy SKATETEK’s Electric Skateboards

  1. We produce the most amazing high performance wireless electric skateboards
  2. You have the privilege of customizing your own electric skateboard.
  3. You have an easier access of buying it online and we ship worldwide.
  4. We use high quality materials in making our electric skateboards to provide an excellent customer satisfaction.
  5. We offer wide range of products that suits everyone else’s lifestyle.
  6. We create these electric skateboards to be eco-friendly so not only you can benefit but also mother nature.
  7. You can go up to 37 mph and it can be easily controlled using its remote controller.
  8. This rechargeable electric skateboard can take you up to 40 km/25 miles before you need to recharge again and the amazing thing is, it would only take 2-4 hours for you to charge the Sony lifepo 4 batteries.
  9. It is an affordable means of transportation.
  10. This lightweight electric skateboard will bring you into your destination in a faster way separating you from traffic.