Tips For Buying Perfect Electric Skateboard

Choosing the perfect skateboard that offers style, comfort and performance is an arduous task. As, there is a wide range of wireless electric skateboards available in the market nowadays. A skateboard comprises of numerous components that includes a deck, trucks and wheels. You can get these components customized as per your needs and comfort. You need to take into account the measurements of specific parts to get started with the modification of your skateboard.

Skateboard Type

There are generally two types of skateboards: long board and short board. The long board provides a smooth riding experience and is not really appreciated to be used to perform tricks as its larger size doesn’t allow that. The long boards turn easily as compared to short boards. The short board skateboard is an ideal option for those people who like to perform tricks off vertical jumps, ramps and rails. As, short boards are lighter in weight, they offer more comfort in performing tricks and jumps.

Deck Shape

You can get the perfect feel and comfort of skateboarding when you fit yourself to the shape of the deck. The length, width, depth and the concave shape of the deck must be considered to get that perfect feel. The length of the deck must correlate with your height. In terms of length, generally short boards less than 33 inches and long boards greater than 35 inches are considered ideal. The width of the deck ranges between 7.5 to 10.5 inches. Wider decks offer more stability to the riders, but if you aim to learn the tricks, deck size must be under 8 inches. Deeper boards are expensive and allow you to perform challenging tricks that require precision. Shallower boards are dependable but are less responsive to jumping tricks.

Picking a Truck

The skateboard trucks are meant to offer stability and ease of turning. These trucks vary from 4.75 to 5.5 inches in width. Wider trucks generally enhance the weight of the skateboard, but allow stable and excellent tighter turns. The size of wider trucks range between 5.5 to 7 inches and are often used in long boards.


The wheels of the skateboard are made from polyurethane. Generally, the wheels from 52 to 55 mm are considered to be ideal for street riding, skate bowls and vertical ramps. These wheels allow tighter control. The bigger riders choose wheels from 56 to 60 mm. Long boards have wheels greater than 60 mm and they render more speed and perform well in rougher terrains.

The hard the wheels, the more you are allowed to get your board off the ground. But, along with high jumps, the hardness of wheel have greater impact upon landing. The hardness of the wheels is measured in durometers(A). Any wheel over 90 A is considered to be hard. Short boards ranges between 90 to 100 A, where long boards are less than 90 A allowing smooth riding.

The above point will definitely help the skateboarders in choosing the right skateboard for extreme adventure. We, at Skatetek, are committed to provide incredible wireless electric skateboards delivering high performance for commuting and adventure. You can buy online skateboards at reasonable rates. Skatetek provides customized skateboards that offer excellent skateboarding experience.