Best Hoverboards under 300 Review

Are you looking forward to training an 8 year old to ride a hoverboard? The initial step is to by a self-balancing scooter that matches his age. But not everyone has the skills on how to go about the process.

Therefore, we have taken the initiative to research and present to you the best hoverboards under 300. All you need is to know your child’s age and skill riding level!

Best Hoverboards under 300 Review

Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard for Kids and Young Adults

Swagtron is a famous brand when it comes to hoverboards. And true to its name, this time it delivers a piece of equipment that takes the safety of your child seriously. The Swagtron Swagboard employs the lithium battery that incorporates the Patented Swagtron SentryShield technology.

So it features protective layers on the battery besides overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. That boosts its electrical safety to a greater level. And did I tell you that it’s UL certified as safe for the consumers use?

Each of the wheels features a 200watts hub motor. Therefore it packs sufficient energy to power it up an incline of 30 degrees without struggling. Its lithium-ion battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to store complete charge.

Although it charges quickly, it powerful enough to support a 7 miles ride at a speed of 6.8mph. Such a speed is still safe enough for an eight-year-old child to control. For even greater versatility the Swagtron has 7-inch rubber wheels that ride on different terrain with ease.

From its dual riding modes, both the experienced and a beginner rider can use the hoverboard safely. When the child accidentally splashes some water on it, it won’t fail; thanks to the IPX4 rating.

Its body design combines both aluminum and sturdy ABS plastic. Accordingly, it boats alight weight of 18.9lbs. A child, therefore, finds it easy to carry while on the move. Despite the portability, it’s sturdy enough to bear a maximum weight of 187.4lbs and a minimum of 44lbs. In other words, the entire family can ride this self-balancing scooter.


  • Its battery features multi protection
  • Resistant light splashes of water
  • Dual riding mode that suits both beginners and experienced
  • Sturdy incombustible body
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers offer great entertainment
  • Has App that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices


  • The equipment has some plastic parts

CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Hover Board Electric Scooter with Built-in Speaker Smart Self Balancing Wheels

Most people worry about hoverboards and batteries bursting into flame. For that reason, CHO Spider presents the self-balancing scooter that has its electrical system and charging certified as safe by UL. You can thus rest assured of its safe for your child.

Wearing headphones while riding impairs the child’s hearing ability. This equipment corrects that by offering inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. Therefore the youngster can wirelessly connect his Smartphone to the engine and listen to rocking music freely, thus not compromising his safety.

Unlike other hoverboards that break down easily, CHO Spider gives you solid 6.5inch wheels. Hence you won’t worry about punctures. Moreover, it features bright front headlights. So while riding in a poorly lit lane, it boosts your visibility and thus avoids accidents.

Its rechargeable battery only requires 3 to 5hours to store up full charge. After that it can propel you to cover up to 12km at a top speed of 10km/h. However, the exact stretch of the distance you can travel depends on the rider’s weight and the topography.


  • Its weight is easy to carry, 20lbs
  • Features auto-balancing technology thus offering a simple learning experience
  • Wireless and safe listening to music
  • Boosted electrical safety precautions
  • UL certified as safe for consumers


  • It’s only ideal for smooth planes and not gravel

LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board with Bluetooth, UL2272 Certified Wheels LED Lights for Adult Kids

Most kids who have tested the LIEAGLE Hoverboard can attest to its quality and performance. The self-balancing board employs 6.5inches large wheels. Accordingly, it offers a smooth ride.

With a pair of 300watts motors connected to each wheel, this Segway packs enough torque to push a child up an incline of 15degrees. At the same time even when pushed to its full speed, it won’t go beyond 7.5mph. In other words, it supports a safe speed that an eight-year-old child can handle while on the board.

When it runs out of charge you don’t need to wait the whole day to recharge; 2 to 3 hours into the socket and its ready for the full adventure ride. To avoid the inconvenience of running out of power, the engine offers you a LED display for tracking the remaining battery power. As for the weight limit, most pre-teen will find it adequate since it can carry up to 264lbs.


  • It uses dual high torque 300watts motors
  • Easy to monitor battery level
  • Can turn on a 360 degrees angle
  • It overs great entertainment through its Bluetooth speakers
  • Very portable


  • Low-quality carrying bag

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Using a pair of powerful 400watts motors, this Segway Ninebot S packs plenty of power to carry a rider of weight 220lbs. When wearing such a load the equipment can speed up to 10km/h. And when you face a slope, it can climb up to a maximum of 15dehgrees.

As the equipment that’s meant for children, this hoverboard has learning tutorials. While the child is still learning its top speed is limited to 4.3mph. Hence an eight-year-old kid will handle it comfortably.

And once she passes learning mode, the Segway Ninebot S still clips the speed for the first few seconds of the ride to 6.2lbs. That makes it very much child friendly. The air-filled tires measure 10.5inches high. That provides enough ground clearance and superior damping ability.

From its provided App, you get other features like antitheft, your speed, and how to adjust it. Also, you can remote control the equipment. The Segway Ninebot S employs smart battery management to make tracking of the battery’s performance easier.


  • Has the knee control bar
  • Effective smart battery management system
  • Improved damping system


  • It’s slightly heavy at 28lbs


Pick any of the above hoverboards for your kid and you won’t regret the purchase. We have the safety of your child at heart. From battery monitor, low-speed features, and UL listing, these self-balancing scoters here care for the wellbeing of the young rider. Hey, you can give them a try. Why not make it his birthday gift?