Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

Are you a skateboard enthusiast or are you ever on the trail for an electric machine that can quench your thirst for boarding? Then, we have a few of the best cheap electric skateboards under 500 in the market that suits you. To come up with these four, we took into some considerations to separate the wheat from the chaffs hence ensuring that you get the perfect ride that has no defect.

Well, with an array of products in the market, choosing the right board that meets your needs becomes increasingly tricky. And this is attributed by much saturation of many skates in the market that doesn’t match our quality.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

With an affordable price, you can take with you a decent, quality and moderate cruise weight.

So, let’s kick off with the choices that came first. These listed products are must have cheap electric skateboards.

LiftBoard 980012980 Single Motor Electric Skateboard, 39″

The Liftboard is a real lifter, and the ride propels over pavement and ditches with a speed of 16mph to cover a 16 miles distance. With rechargeable batteries, the 7ply maple wood deck offers durability and strength to get you up a hill and back down.

Its regenerative braking systems give you enough space to take turns, besides charging the battery board. The skateboard is UL certified to ascertain the riders of their safety. The skateboard has been designed strong to will respond quickly to any wreckages.


  • Good power board
  • Quick response in case of any wreckage
  • Decent package upon delivery


  • The control system lags a bit

MBS ALL-Terrain Longboard

Skate of this kind is incomprehensive as its high-performance quality doesn’t match the high fair price. The rubber shielded with nine ABEC bearings comes wholly assembled and prepared for high speed turns on the streets, campuses and any other rocky escapades. The MBS cruise, is the kind of ride that comes with its adventure; be it a campus rider looking for something to roll on, a beginner or an expert border that needs a challenger, the machine has it all.

Its 100mm by 65mm Longboard wheels create its cocoon with a super-high-rebound Urethane for the proper turning and at high speed. The 78A guarantees you a safe landing and the most precise turning because of its 190mm navigator that takes full control of the ground.


  • The vast wheels make it easy to roll over any sizeable rock
  • Its motor is perfect for long haul borders
  • It is easy to accelerate and crawl over terrains
  • The board makes carving no big issue


  • The wheels are too tight when new and may pose a challenge to a new rider
  • Its quietness and smooth-running may cause a collision with other passengers

BLITZART Huracane GT 38” Dual Electric Longboard Skateboard 3.5” PU Wheels

Are you in search of a comfy cruise with an ergonomic remote-control system? Then, move no further. The BLITZART Huracane skateboard saves you time, as you can have your first roll immediately from the box. The Maplewood and Bamboo deck jet tops up to a speed of 23mph on crappy pavements with a maximum range of 10 miles on a single charge.

With its 36V 5.4Ah LG Lithium battery, the dual-motor board ensures an accurately measured acceleration and deceleration plus the ability to reverse on 3 hours charge. The brushless hub motor, is just hitting the street with its best because it is more comfortable and reliable enough to be used by new cruisers. Moreover, it comes with 8-layer decks which provide sturdiness and flexibility.

If you are a real skating enthusiast, then you won’t hesitate to confirm your first stroll because the machine is fully assembled and ready to ride. Huracane Longboard supports up to 250lb weight and the deck is fitted with grip tape and concave enough to fit the rider’s feet firmly.


  • Great colors to choose from.
  • Warranty is granted in the case of any wreckage


  • The board is only intended to be used as a ride-on device, no use of tricks such as flipping or jumping.

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

The SWAGTRON has just created its world. It is UL 2272 certified to ensure that it meets all the safety requirements. The cruise comes perfectly glued with maple wood deck and premium grip tape which enables its rollers to have much traction when cruising.

The board can catapult up to 11mph plus up to 10 miles after one full 3-hour charge of its 24V Li-On FE battery. The board is here to stay. With the durable Polyurethane wheels, this skateboard brings out another level of experience when it comes to smooth riding. Another plus are its shock-absorbing wheels that are designed to be durable.

The LED remote control system shows battery status and speed in addition to reliable braking, thus limits any falling off. The SwagBoard NG-1 Youth hits the market with a one year warranty and engages the ride control that allows the rider to sustain speed without coming into contact with the motor board.

Its wireless remote-control system enables deceleration and acceleration plus proper stability and firmness for the rider hence reduces the chances of bruises.


  • It’s an excellent budget electric board
  • Perfect for beginners
  • For the price, the SWAGTRON lives up to its description


  • The control systems may sometimes not be very responsive.
  • The battery may cut out amid ride.


There you have it all! Despite the fact that there is a vast and rapid transition in the market set up, we have narrowed down all the necessities that you must know so as to equip yourself with the real stuff which will quench down your skate ride.

Now the ball is on your side, don’t use wisdom; you only need to select one. Remember, no choice is a wrong choice. It is all dependent on your taste and preference. Above all, have fun and enjoy every moment that you spend with your electric skateboard.