5 Things One Must Not Overlook While Buying New Skate Shoes

Skateboarding can be great as a hobby to pass time, as a sport to learn the principles of concentration and as an exciting profession too if you wish to become an instructor for novice. No matter at what stage you are with your skateboard, whether you are a newbie or a professional, skate shoes are a must for you.

People often overlook the importance of these shoes, however, they shouldn’t. These shoes can give a different skateboarding experience all together. Given below are some points that you must keep in mind while shopping for skate shoes.

  1. Fitness – This is an important factor and therefore you must try to get shoes that fit you the best. It is said that the best time to go for shoe shopping is during the night as the feet tend to swell during daytime either due to heat or if you’ve just done a jolly good skate session. A perfect shoe is the one that gives you at least a gap of ½ inch between your big toe and the shoe’s front end. Also try to ensure sure that the heel rest comfortably at the shoe’s back.
  2. Grip – Grip of the shoe is another important factor which must always be taken care of while buying skate shoes. Functionality of the best electric longboards can only be realised if you have skate shoes with an optimum grip. Try to go for shoes with a pattered sole as they promise a great grip on the board. Slipper feet is the last thing any skater wants while skating. So, make sure that the shoe you go for has a great grip.
  3. Flexibility – Apart from durability, one also needs a shoe that’s lightweight and provides a great flexibility. Various brands nowadays offer shoes that not only offer great flexibility but also promise total comfort. Flexibility while skateboarding is extremely crucial. Skating while wearing rigid hard shoes will be of no good at all.
  4. Durability – If a great proportion of your time is spent in skating, you must get skate shoes that are tough and highly durable. Try to go for leather sides as they can easily handle wear and tear, rubber toes and lace protectors. All of this will add generously to your shoe’s life. Some shoes even feature internal ‘lace hiders’ that keep the laces totally hidden and out of the way.
  5. Style – Something as cool as skateboarding should always be complemented with skate shoes that are extremely stylish. You have to love them if you’re planning to use them every day. So, grab something which you think is cool and complements your style.

Skate shoes are an integral part of skateboarding. Ultimately, it’s the functionality that matters more than the looks and style as they will be seeing a lot of dust once you start using them. We, at SkateTek, are the best providers of wireless electric skateboards. Our myriad range of products at the affordable pricing has made us the most sought after companies for electric skateboards.

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