Best Hoverboards under 300 Review

Are you looking forward to training an 8 year old to ride a hoverboard? The initial step is to by a self-balancing scooter that matches his age. But not everyone has the skills on how to go about the process.

Therefore, we have taken the initiative to research and present to you the best hoverboards under 300. All you need is to know your child’s age and skill riding level!

Best Hoverboards under 300 Review

Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard for Kids and Young Adults

Swagtron is a famous brand when it comes to hoverboards. And true to its name, this time it delivers a piece of equipment that takes the safety of your child seriously. The Swagtron Swagboard employs the lithium battery that incorporates the Patented Swagtron SentryShield technology.

So it features protective layers on the battery besides overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. That boosts its electrical safety to a greater level. And did I tell you that it’s UL certified as safe for the consumers use?

Each of the wheels features a 200watts hub motor. Therefore it packs sufficient energy to power it up an incline of 30 degrees without struggling. Its lithium-ion battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to store complete charge.

Although it charges quickly, it powerful enough to support a 7 miles ride at a speed of 6.8mph. Such a speed is still safe enough for an eight-year-old child to control. For even greater versatility the Swagtron has 7-inch rubber wheels that ride on different terrain with ease.

From its dual riding modes, both the experienced and a beginner rider can use the hoverboard safely. When the child accidentally splashes some water on it, it won’t fail; thanks to the IPX4 rating.

Its body design combines both aluminum and sturdy ABS plastic. Accordingly, it boats alight weight of 18.9lbs. A child, therefore, finds it easy to carry while on the move. Despite the portability, it’s sturdy enough to bear a maximum weight of 187.4lbs and a minimum of 44lbs. In other words, the entire family can ride this self-balancing scooter.


  • Its battery features multi protection
  • Resistant light splashes of water
  • Dual riding mode that suits both beginners and experienced
  • Sturdy incombustible body
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers offer great entertainment
  • Has App that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices


  • The equipment has some plastic parts

CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Hover Board Electric Scooter with Built-in Speaker Smart Self Balancing Wheels

Most people worry about hoverboards and batteries bursting into flame. For that reason, CHO Spider presents the self-balancing scooter that has its electrical system and charging certified as safe by UL. You can thus rest assured of its safe for your child.

Wearing headphones while riding impairs the child’s hearing ability. This equipment corrects that by offering inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. Therefore the youngster can wirelessly connect his Smartphone to the engine and listen to rocking music freely, thus not compromising his safety.

Unlike other hoverboards that break down easily, CHO Spider gives you solid 6.5inch wheels. Hence you won’t worry about punctures. Moreover, it features bright front headlights. So while riding in a poorly lit lane, it boosts your visibility and thus avoids accidents.

Its rechargeable battery only requires 3 to 5hours to store up full charge. After that it can propel you to cover up to 12km at a top speed of 10km/h. However, the exact stretch of the distance you can travel depends on the rider’s weight and the topography.


  • Its weight is easy to carry, 20lbs
  • Features auto-balancing technology thus offering a simple learning experience
  • Wireless and safe listening to music
  • Boosted electrical safety precautions
  • UL certified as safe for consumers


  • It’s only ideal for smooth planes and not gravel

LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board with Bluetooth, UL2272 Certified Wheels LED Lights for Adult Kids

Most kids who have tested the LIEAGLE Hoverboard can attest to its quality and performance. The self-balancing board employs 6.5inches large wheels. Accordingly, it offers a smooth ride.

With a pair of 300watts motors connected to each wheel, this Segway packs enough torque to push a child up an incline of 15degrees. At the same time even when pushed to its full speed, it won’t go beyond 7.5mph. In other words, it supports a safe speed that an eight-year-old child can handle while on the board.

When it runs out of charge you don’t need to wait the whole day to recharge; 2 to 3 hours into the socket and its ready for the full adventure ride. To avoid the inconvenience of running out of power, the engine offers you a LED display for tracking the remaining battery power. As for the weight limit, most pre-teen will find it adequate since it can carry up to 264lbs.


  • It uses dual high torque 300watts motors
  • Easy to monitor battery level
  • Can turn on a 360 degrees angle
  • It overs great entertainment through its Bluetooth speakers
  • Very portable


  • Low-quality carrying bag

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Using a pair of powerful 400watts motors, this Segway Ninebot S packs plenty of power to carry a rider of weight 220lbs. When wearing such a load the equipment can speed up to 10km/h. And when you face a slope, it can climb up to a maximum of 15dehgrees.

As the equipment that’s meant for children, this hoverboard has learning tutorials. While the child is still learning its top speed is limited to 4.3mph. Hence an eight-year-old kid will handle it comfortably.

And once she passes learning mode, the Segway Ninebot S still clips the speed for the first few seconds of the ride to 6.2lbs. That makes it very much child friendly. The air-filled tires measure 10.5inches high. That provides enough ground clearance and superior damping ability.

From its provided App, you get other features like antitheft, your speed, and how to adjust it. Also, you can remote control the equipment. The Segway Ninebot S employs smart battery management to make tracking of the battery’s performance easier.


  • Has the knee control bar
  • Effective smart battery management system
  • Improved damping system


  • It’s slightly heavy at 28lbs


Pick any of the above hoverboards for your kid and you won’t regret the purchase. We have the safety of your child at heart. From battery monitor, low-speed features, and UL listing, these self-balancing scoters here care for the wellbeing of the young rider. Hey, you can give them a try. Why not make it his birthday gift?

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

Are you a skateboard enthusiast or are you ever on the trail for an electric machine that can quench your thirst for boarding? Then, we have a few of the best cheap electric skateboards under 500 in the market that suits you. To come up with these four, we took into some considerations to separate the wheat from the chaffs hence ensuring that you get the perfect ride that has no defect.

Well, with an array of products in the market, choosing the right board that meets your needs becomes increasingly tricky. And this is attributed by much saturation of many skates in the market that doesn’t match our quality.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

With an affordable price, you can take with you a decent, quality and moderate cruise weight.

So, let’s kick off with the choices that came first. These listed products are must have cheap electric skateboards.

LiftBoard 980012980 Single Motor Electric Skateboard, 39″

The Liftboard is a real lifter, and the ride propels over pavement and ditches with a speed of 16mph to cover a 16 miles distance. With rechargeable batteries, the 7ply maple wood deck offers durability and strength to get you up a hill and back down.

Its regenerative braking systems give you enough space to take turns, besides charging the battery board. The skateboard is UL certified to ascertain the riders of their safety. The skateboard has been designed strong to will respond quickly to any wreckages.


  • Good power board
  • Quick response in case of any wreckage
  • Decent package upon delivery


  • The control system lags a bit

MBS ALL-Terrain Longboard

Skate of this kind is incomprehensive as its high-performance quality doesn’t match the high fair price. The rubber shielded with nine ABEC bearings comes wholly assembled and prepared for high speed turns on the streets, campuses and any other rocky escapades. The MBS cruise, is the kind of ride that comes with its adventure; be it a campus rider looking for something to roll on, a beginner or an expert border that needs a challenger, the machine has it all.

Its 100mm by 65mm Longboard wheels create its cocoon with a super-high-rebound Urethane for the proper turning and at high speed. The 78A guarantees you a safe landing and the most precise turning because of its 190mm navigator that takes full control of the ground.


  • The vast wheels make it easy to roll over any sizeable rock
  • Its motor is perfect for long haul borders
  • It is easy to accelerate and crawl over terrains
  • The board makes carving no big issue


  • The wheels are too tight when new and may pose a challenge to a new rider
  • Its quietness and smooth-running may cause a collision with other passengers

BLITZART Huracane GT 38” Dual Electric Longboard Skateboard 3.5” PU Wheels

Are you in search of a comfy cruise with an ergonomic remote-control system? Then, move no further. The BLITZART Huracane skateboard saves you time, as you can have your first roll immediately from the box. The Maplewood and Bamboo deck jet tops up to a speed of 23mph on crappy pavements with a maximum range of 10 miles on a single charge.

With its 36V 5.4Ah LG Lithium battery, the dual-motor board ensures an accurately measured acceleration and deceleration plus the ability to reverse on 3 hours charge. The brushless hub motor, is just hitting the street with its best because it is more comfortable and reliable enough to be used by new cruisers. Moreover, it comes with 8-layer decks which provide sturdiness and flexibility.

If you are a real skating enthusiast, then you won’t hesitate to confirm your first stroll because the machine is fully assembled and ready to ride. Huracane Longboard supports up to 250lb weight and the deck is fitted with grip tape and concave enough to fit the rider’s feet firmly.


  • Great colors to choose from.
  • Warranty is granted in the case of any wreckage


  • The board is only intended to be used as a ride-on device, no use of tricks such as flipping or jumping.

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

The SWAGTRON has just created its world. It is UL 2272 certified to ensure that it meets all the safety requirements. The cruise comes perfectly glued with maple wood deck and premium grip tape which enables its rollers to have much traction when cruising.

The board can catapult up to 11mph plus up to 10 miles after one full 3-hour charge of its 24V Li-On FE battery. The board is here to stay. With the durable Polyurethane wheels, this skateboard brings out another level of experience when it comes to smooth riding. Another plus are its shock-absorbing wheels that are designed to be durable.

The LED remote control system shows battery status and speed in addition to reliable braking, thus limits any falling off. The SwagBoard NG-1 Youth hits the market with a one year warranty and engages the ride control that allows the rider to sustain speed without coming into contact with the motor board.

Its wireless remote-control system enables deceleration and acceleration plus proper stability and firmness for the rider hence reduces the chances of bruises.


  • It’s an excellent budget electric board
  • Perfect for beginners
  • For the price, the SWAGTRON lives up to its description


  • The control systems may sometimes not be very responsive.
  • The battery may cut out amid ride.


There you have it all! Despite the fact that there is a vast and rapid transition in the market set up, we have narrowed down all the necessities that you must know so as to equip yourself with the real stuff which will quench down your skate ride.

Now the ball is on your side, don’t use wisdom; you only need to select one. Remember, no choice is a wrong choice. It is all dependent on your taste and preference. Above all, have fun and enjoy every moment that you spend with your electric skateboard.










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Troubleshooting Guide for Skatetek Electric Longboards


  1. Preface
  2. Riding Instructions
  3. Maintaining your Electric Skateboard
  4. Important Safety informationPreface
  1. 1. Inspect outer carton for damage and report any to your freight carrier or dealer.
  2. 2. Open carton and inspect for internal damage, report any to your freight carrier or dealer.
  3. 3. Remove your new Electric Skateboard, remote controller and charger.

Riding Instructions

Before riding your new Electric Skateboard, please be sure you fully understand how the model you have purchased operates.

The electric Skateboard’s wireless remote uses a unique 3G high frequency radio signal (Bluetooth) for short distance communication, and a one on one coding function between the remote control and the PCB switchboard minimized the possibility of signal interferences. Signal interference may occur under a strong magnetic field. Use caution and check your ride area for signal interference before use.

The Electric Skateboard Troubleshooting If you take off and refit the battery, and the power light is not on, please check the battery to see if it has adequate power and is fixed properly. If they are ok, that means the self-protection has started. There is nothing wrong with the skateboard. When the battery terminals touch the control box terminals, the capacitor on the PCB of controller will be charged by the battery immediately and a momentary short-circuit occurs, so the self-protection kicks in. Just remove the battery and refit. (You may have to repeat this several times). Try not to take off the lithium battery frequently when the skateboard is in service, because when frequently removed and then refitted, the battery is heavy on the terminals. The terminals can be burnt out easily and an electric arc could be generated at the connection section to melt the conductor terminals, which can lead to damage to the battery or controller.

Lithium battery has a double protection system: a. Current-limiting protection. When the current value reaches the set level, the protection system will kick in for the protection of the electronics and will stop all power from your board.

b. Short-circuit protection. In case a short circuit in the controller, motor or battery occurs, protection system will be started for self-protection and power will stop. c. In most cases removing the battery pack and fitting will reset your board and restart it.

Pistol Grip Remote Controller
1. The Pistol Grip Controller regulates the speed of the board. Pulling back on the lever will accelerate the board. Releasing the lever will return it to the neutral position. Pushing forward on the lever will brake.

2. After standing on board, pull the power lever. Your Electric Skateboard will start slowly and build speed as you pull the lever back.

3. To decrease speed, let the lever go. This will slowly decrease your speed. To slow quicker, push the lever forward to brake. Maximum speed and stopping distance depends on your weight and riding surface.

4. Know your limits. Start slowly and keep your speed down until you have mastered controlling your ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD.

5. Read the section titled: “Riding your Electric Skateboard before attempting to ride”.

Instruction for The Power Hand Grip Controller

  1. A. Status light.
  2. B. Coding hole. Use a pin like object (avoid the metal made pick stick) to push down the button inside the hold to sync the controller and the skateboard.
  3. C. The on/off switch of the Trigger controller
  4. D. Reverse button. By pressing this you regulate which direction the board takes. The Skateboard has to be at a complete stop in order for the reverse button to work. When you want to reverse, just flick the switch and then squeeze the trigger. When you want to forward again, press the reverse button again and then push the trigger, Each time you press the switch, the board will reverse direction.
  5. E. The battery cover. Squeeze downwards first and then remove the cover to the direction shown. Match the positive and negative signs when replacing the battery inside.
  6. F. Pull trigger backward for acceleration, Let it go for neutral, and push it forward for braking.
  7. G. Speed limit pick. Basically, we set it at a slower speed gear. You can also limit the speed gear by shifting the pick to the faster speed gear side.
  8. Control Box for 1200W
  9. H. On/off switch for the skateboard
  10. I. LED power light.
  11. J. Coding Hold. You need to use a toothpick-like device to push the button inside the whole when you are syncing the board with a controller.

How to Sync 1200W

  1. 1. Turn on the skateboard
  2. 2. Use a toothpick to poke down I and you will see H blinking.
  3. 3. Turn on the trigger remote controller, and then use a toothpick again to poke down B.
  4. 4. Turn the trigger remote controller off and then turn it on again, then it will work.
    How to fit a new control box

Flip the board over and connect all wires, then turn on the power, First of all, you need to press the small button(control box reset button), depicted on the picture, on the controller PCB and put the drive wheel on your left side. By standing next to it after turning on the board, you should see the drive wheel turning counter-clockwise. If it is not turning in the direction, press the button again to see if the drive wheel runs counter-clockwise. Make sure the drive wheel runs counter-clockwise before your sync.

Riding Your Electric Skateboard

Be sure that you are thoroughly familiar with all of the features and controls discussed in the previous sections. All safety equipments should be worn, even when riding for short distances or durations. Make sure that the area in which you plan to ride is paved, level, free of obstacles, and not crowded.

You are able to climb abroad a powerful motorized skateboard. If you have doubts about your ability to ride, DO NOT RIDE IT! Know your limits and ride within them. Even if you are an expert skateboarder, give yourself time to learn the Electric Skateboard and ride conservatively, especially the first few times. Remember, the Electric Skateboard is silent and others will not hear you coming. Give yourself adequate time and distance to stop and avoid obstacles and others.

Make sure the switch to the ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD is “ON” and the switch on the hand controller is “OFF”. Step onto the skateboard and assume normal skateboard stance. Keeping your fingers off the power lever, turn the switch on the top of the controller to the “ON” position. Pull the lever or tap the first finger button for a moment to start the board. Start off slowly by pulling the lever back or remaining in the first tap speed until you become comfortable and are in control of the speed.

Uphill and Downhill Riding
The ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD is far superior to an ordinary skateboard in uphill and downhill riding. On an uphill run, you will find that you need in keep your weight over the rear wheels to keep them from slipping. If the hill is too steep, the board will bog down and continued use may overheat the motor. Stop, step off and walk the steep hills. This board will take lighter riders up hills faster and will slow down as the rider’s weight increases. Take advantage of the reverse and place the driving wheel in front when you are riding uphill. The power board runs more efficient uphill when the driving wheel is in the front. On downhill runs, the motor remains engaged at all times. Providing same drag or button to slow. You also have hill breaking control. Frequent minor speed corrections with the brakes are preferable to letting your speed build and then breaking suddenly. KNOW YOUR LIMITS AND RIDE WITHIN THEM!


Turning your Electric Skateboard
The Electric Skateboard turns like any other skateboard. Apply pressure to the deck with your heels or toes and the board will turn in that direction. More pressure will result in tighter turns. IF the hands of experienced rider, the ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD is capable of making a complete 180 in a 10” radius Do not try to make turns at full speed. Always SLOW DOWN

Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard


Routine Maintenance
Under normal use, your ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD will require very little maintenance. Check all fasteners for tightness before every use, especially if used on an irregular surface. This will require an Allen Wrench and a few different sized sockets or open-ended wrenches. YOUR ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD is not waterproof and must not be ridden in the rain, mud, or other wet areas to prevent electrical damage. Always keep your board clean and free of moisture.

Drive Wheel Replacement
It is normal for the drive wheel to wear faster than the other wheels. DRIVE WHEEL REPLACEMENTS ARE available from Skates or our Dealers.

Drive Belt Replacement

Due to the superior design of the Electric Skateboard the drive belt will last a long time, but eventually will wear out. Replacements can be ordered from Skates or our Dealers.

Wheel Replacement

As with any skateboard, the wheels of the ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD will wear out with use. Replacement wheels, bearing, and spacers are available from Skates or our Dealers.

Rubber Bushing Replacement

Although specially formulated for extremely long life, the rubber bushings located in the trucks of your ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD will wear over time. It is recommended that they be replaced with the same special bushings that are standard equipment on the board. They are available through Skates or our Dealers.

Battery Maintenance

The rechargeable Lead Acid Battery that powers your Electric Skateboard should last 1-2 years if kept properly charged, but will slowly decrease in capacity and eventually fail to hold a charge. To maintain maximum life, always keep your Electric Skateboard charged when storing for extended periods of time. Plug it in once a month to maintain a charge. They are easily replaceable using without any Replacement Kit. Lead Acid batteries are available from Skates or our Dealers.
The rechargeable Lithium battery that powers your Electric Skateboard should last 2-5 years if kept properly charged, and it will not slowly decrease in capacity or eventually fail to hold a charge, but it will decrease 10% to 20% in capacity after more than 500 charges. To maintain maximum life always keep your Electric Skateboard charged when storing for extended periods of time. Plug in once in three months to maintain a charge when you are riding your power board. They are easily replaceable without a Replacement Kit, Lithium batteries are available from Skates or our Dealers.. DO NOT PROP UP YOUR SKATEBOARD FOR STOREAGE, LEAVE IT ON LEVEL GROUND.

Repair Information
Many repairs that may be required for your Electric Skateboard are covered in the maintenance section of this guide. Should your Electric Skateboard require repairs that are not covered under this section, contact Skates with the nature of the problem.

Skates provides a warranty for your ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD for 90 days from the date or original purchase against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty DOES NOT COVER MALFUCTIONS RESULTING FROM NEGLECT, MISUSE, ABUSE OR MODIFICATIONS TO THE BOARD OR FAILTURE TO FOLLOW ALL SAFETY AND USE WARNINGS CONTAINDED HERIN.

Important Safety information

The combination of power and weight makes the ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD a potentially hazardous device. Improper use can result in property damage, serious injury, or even death. Understanding all of its features and controls is the key to safe riding. Avoid uneven surface, potholes, surface cracks, and obstacles. Always ride at a safe speed, maintaining full control over the board at all times. Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Electric Skateboard SAFETY WARNING
The board does not conform to Motor Vehicle Standards is not intended for operation on the public streets, roads, or highways. Serious injury can result from the unsafe operation of this vehicle. The operator can minimize these assumed risks by wearing safety equipment. Always check your local laws before use.



  • This product is designed for use by children ages 8 and up.
  • The Electric Skateboards maximum recommended weight for the rider is 250 ibs. This product should not be used without adult supervision.
  • The Electric Skateboard is designed for one rider only.
  • Be aware that a strong electromagnetic field could interfere with the function of the remote control in your riding area. The user of this product and adult supervisor assumes all risks associated with its use. To minimize these assumed risks, the user MUST WEAR SAFETY HELMET, PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR, APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR, KNEE AND ELBOW PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES.
  • Do not operate your Electric Skateboard in crowded areas.

Safety Tips


This electric skateboard is not a toy. Understanding all of its features and controls is essential for safe riding. As with most sports there are certain risks and dangers associated with skateboarding that may result in severe bodily injuries. The rider can minimize these assumed risks by wearing proper safety gear and following our safety instructions listed here. Rider understands that he/she must abide by local laws and regulations when riding the skateboard. Local laws should be consulted for specific requirements in your area for riding of this board as laws differ by location.

Riding Your Skateboard:

  • Our Skateboard is designed for use by responsible riders ages 14 and up.
  • This board must be operated by only one rider at a time.
  • User’s weight should be within skateboard’s max load capacity.
  • Young riders should not use this skateboard without adult supervision.
  • This board is not intended for operation on public streets, roads or highways.
  • Always check your city laws to determine local requirements before using in public areas.
  • **WEAR A HELMET & PROTECTIVE GEAR AT ALL TIMES! This includes elbow and kneepads and proper footwear.
  • Inspect the skateboard before using it to make sure that it is safe to use and in riding order.
  • Always ride at a safe speed, maintaining full control over the board and yourself at all time.
  • Always start off slowly, never pull trigger too hard from still position, its dangerous!
  • Do not ride outside your ability. If you have doubts about your ability to ride, DO NOT RIDE IT!
  • Do not operate the electric skateboard in traffic or on wet, loose gravel, frozen, uneven or oily surfaces, or near people or other vehicles.
  • Ride only on relatively smooth, hard surfaces. Only our 800W electric skateboard can be ridden on grass and gravel.
  • Avoid potholes, surface cracks and obstacles.
  • Do not attempt to do anything which may cause death or injury to yourself or others.
  • Should not be used for tricks, jumps, ramps, grinds, rough handling and prolonged steep hills.
  • Always slow down and brake appropriately when approaching or overtaking pedestrians.
  • Never hitch a ride from a car, bicycle, etc.
  • Do not operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How To Fall

  • Falling is part of skateboarding therefore knowing how to fall without getting seriously injured in important.
  • Learning to fall correctly can help prevent serious injury- practice falling on a soft surface or grass.
  • If you are losing your balance, crouch down as low as you can on your skateboard so that you will not have as far to fall.
  • In a fall, the idea is to land on the fleshy parts of your body.
  • If you fall, pull your arms, elbow and hands into your chest then land on your shoulders and roll your body.
  • Make your body more relaxed when you fall rather than go stiff because you’re less likely to get injured than if you fall with stiff joints.

Using Your Remote Controller

  • Our remote controller is equipped with a 3-position speed switch, slow (front)/medium (middle)/fast (back). Always start by using the beginner-mode (slow position).
  • Our remote control has a very sensitive trigger, so accelerate slowly and smoothly.
  • Adjusting the speed down to slow position is strongly recommended for new 1st time electric skateboarders.

Charging Your Battery

  • Completely charge the battery before use
  • The batteries are fully charged when the light on the charger turns from red to green.
  • Maintain your battery well by keeping it fully charged when not in use to prolong battery life.
  • Your charger is designed to automatically stop charging when the batteries are fully charged, so it’s ok to leave your boards battery plugged in all the time if you’re riding it regularly. Do not attempt to use the charger if it has been dropped or damaged.
  • Never attempt to charge a damaged battery or frozen battery.
  • Do not operate the charger if the cord or plug is damaged.
  • Do not use the charger in a closed area or poorly-ventilated area.
  • Do not ever use the electric skateboard battery to power or recharge any other equipment.
  • Keep children away from the electric skateboard while it is being recharged.

Maintaining Your Skateboard

  • Ensure that the deck remains dry at all time. If your board gets wet dry it as soon as possible.
  • Check all nuts, bolts and mounted components to ensure that they are tight. v
  • Be sure that the wheel nuts on the skateboard are tightened properly.
  • Check the condition of the wheels to be sure that they are smooth and even.
  • Stop using the product immediately if any part becomes loose. Tighten loose nuts and bolts until you encounter resistance and then stop. Do not over tighten these parts.

By purchasing any product from this website directly or indirectly, purchaser and user assume all risks, responsibility and liability for use of this product, including any resulting loss or damage to persons or property. Purchaser or user understands that they must abide by provincial or state laws and be in proper physical condition to ride this electric skateboard. You should not buy any product from Skates unless you agree to these terms. Skates will not accept any responsible for any accident, injury or death caused by carelessness or improper use of skateboards. Under no circumstance should you perform any modification to your purchase which may include but not limited to, increasing the power, modifying the motor, upgrading the motor, changing the design of the product, interfering with the computer management system or circumnavigating any safety feature, doing so will increase your chances of injury. If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact us at 1800-337-7276 / Int’l +(1)647-996-9094.

Contact Skatetek | Complete Skateboard Shop

General Information:

Toll Free1800-337-7276  (US and Canada only)

Office Direct: +1 647-9757758

Mobile: +1 6479969094

Please review our policies and procedures and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting us at any time.

Safety Tips to be Followed while Skateboarding

Electric skateboard is fun filled device for kids as well for youngsters. We can say it is lightest vehicle which even the kids can drive. It can give you fun for longer time and also a cheap source of travelling to near by places. At times skateboarding is a source of entertainment but at the same time it can be a source of injuries as well. So, rules are surely to be followed to avoid any serious injury. There are many skateboard accessories available in the market which help you to prevent mishaps.

An individual should have knowledge about various motorized skateboard parts which help him to be aware of this little vehicle if the individual is planning to buy one.

Essential Safety Guidelines to be Followed for Skateboarding

• It is necessary to ride your electric skateboard within your limits. Beginners should start off slowly till they get used to using electric skateboard. Dangerous results are hiding behind its fun if rules are not followed properly.

• Beginners are more vulnerable to get hurt on skateboarding. Those who do skateboarding less than a week are more likely to face accidents.

• Even the experienced skaters get hurt too as level of difficulty increases, so does the risks of accidents increases.

Various guards You need to Wear while Skateboarding

 Electric Skateboard : Different boards perform different things. If the surface is not smooth then you want a off-road electric skateboard higher surface area tires. For city, you should have something smaller. So, be sure that you have right board according to your activity and that all of its parts work together.

• Shoes : Skateboarding is not an easy job to do with shoes. So, by spending extra money get a good pair of leather shoes whose soles are made up of grippy gum rubber so that shoe fits properly.

• Pads : Knee and elbow pads are available in the market. These pads have hard plastic shield which never hinders your movements.

• Helmet : Special helmets are available for skateboarding. These helmets have strong strap and buckle. The strap should be securely fastened and can snug any time you ride.

• Other Gear : Other gears are also there for your safety such as wrist guard, gloves, hip pads, padded jackets all these accessories help you in safe riding and prevent against any minor or major accidents.

While going for skateboarding an individual must be aware of his abilities. Never attempt the tricks which are too advanced for you and lead you to experience any accidents. It is crucial for beginners to follow all the rules and to wear all safe guards including helmet, gloves, pads till they get use to it. offers best quality of high performance electric skateboards along with full accessories so that you can enjoy skateboarding at the fullest. Our products provide variety of electric skateboards as per shape, deck size, speed and according to your ability.

5 Things One Must Not Overlook While Buying New Skate Shoes

Skateboarding can be great as a hobby to pass time, as a sport to learn the principles of concentration and as an exciting profession too if you wish to become an instructor for novice. No matter at what stage you are with your skateboard, whether you are a newbie or a professional, skate shoes are a must for you.

People often overlook the importance of these shoes, however, they shouldn’t. These shoes can give a different skateboarding experience all together. Given below are some points that you must keep in mind while shopping for skate shoes.

  1. Fitness – This is an important factor and therefore you must try to get shoes that fit you the best. It is said that the best time to go for shoe shopping is during the night as the feet tend to swell during daytime either due to heat or if you’ve just done a jolly good skate session. A perfect shoe is the one that gives you at least a gap of ½ inch between your big toe and the shoe’s front end. Also try to ensure sure that the heel rest comfortably at the shoe’s back.
  2. Grip – Grip of the shoe is another important factor which must always be taken care of while buying skate shoes. Functionality of the best electric longboards can only be realised if you have skate shoes with an optimum grip. Try to go for shoes with a pattered sole as they promise a great grip on the board. Slipper feet is the last thing any skater wants while skating. So, make sure that the shoe you go for has a great grip.
  3. Flexibility – Apart from durability, one also needs a shoe that’s lightweight and provides a great flexibility. Various brands nowadays offer shoes that not only offer great flexibility but also promise total comfort. Flexibility while skateboarding is extremely crucial. Skating while wearing rigid hard shoes will be of no good at all.
  4. Durability – If a great proportion of your time is spent in skating, you must get skate shoes that are tough and highly durable. Try to go for leather sides as they can easily handle wear and tear, rubber toes and lace protectors. All of this will add generously to your shoe’s life. Some shoes even feature internal ‘lace hiders’ that keep the laces totally hidden and out of the way.
  5. Style – Something as cool as skateboarding should always be complemented with skate shoes that are extremely stylish. You have to love them if you’re planning to use them every day. So, grab something which you think is cool and complements your style.

Skate shoes are an integral part of skateboarding. Ultimately, it’s the functionality that matters more than the looks and style as they will be seeing a lot of dust once you start using them. We, at SkateTek, are the best providers of wireless electric skateboards. Our myriad range of products at the affordable pricing has made us the most sought after companies for electric skateboards.

Call us anytime to know more about our services.

Tips For Buying Perfect Electric Skateboard

Choosing the perfect skateboard that offers style, comfort and performance is an arduous task. As, there is a wide range of wireless electric skateboards available in the market nowadays. A skateboard comprises of numerous components that includes a deck, trucks and wheels. You can get these components customized as per your needs and comfort. You need to take into account the measurements of specific parts to get started with the modification of your skateboard.

Skateboard Type

There are generally two types of skateboards: long board and short board. The long board provides a smooth riding experience and is not really appreciated to be used to perform tricks as its larger size doesn’t allow that. The long boards turn easily as compared to short boards. The short board skateboard is an ideal option for those people who like to perform tricks off vertical jumps, ramps and rails. As, short boards are lighter in weight, they offer more comfort in performing tricks and jumps.

Deck Shape

You can get the perfect feel and comfort of skateboarding when you fit yourself to the shape of the deck. The length, width, depth and the concave shape of the deck must be considered to get that perfect feel. The length of the deck must correlate with your height. In terms of length, generally short boards less than 33 inches and long boards greater than 35 inches are considered ideal. The width of the deck ranges between 7.5 to 10.5 inches. Wider decks offer more stability to the riders, but if you aim to learn the tricks, deck size must be under 8 inches. Deeper boards are expensive and allow you to perform challenging tricks that require precision. Shallower boards are dependable but are less responsive to jumping tricks.

Picking a Truck

The skateboard trucks are meant to offer stability and ease of turning. These trucks vary from 4.75 to 5.5 inches in width. Wider trucks generally enhance the weight of the skateboard, but allow stable and excellent tighter turns. The size of wider trucks range between 5.5 to 7 inches and are often used in long boards.


The wheels of the skateboard are made from polyurethane. Generally, the wheels from 52 to 55 mm are considered to be ideal for street riding, skate bowls and vertical ramps. These wheels allow tighter control. The bigger riders choose wheels from 56 to 60 mm. Long boards have wheels greater than 60 mm and they render more speed and perform well in rougher terrains.

The hard the wheels, the more you are allowed to get your board off the ground. But, along with high jumps, the hardness of wheel have greater impact upon landing. The hardness of the wheels is measured in durometers(A). Any wheel over 90 A is considered to be hard. Short boards ranges between 90 to 100 A, where long boards are less than 90 A allowing smooth riding.

The above point will definitely help the skateboarders in choosing the right skateboard for extreme adventure. We, at Skatetek, are committed to provide incredible wireless electric skateboards delivering high performance for commuting and adventure. You can buy online skateboards at reasonable rates. Skatetek provides customized skateboards that offer excellent skateboarding experience.

Skatetek introduces a powerful & stylish electric skateboard

An electric skateboard isn’t a new invention. These boards are fast and incredibly FUN!! They give a sensation of flying extremely low. When a person looks around and forward, it feels like they are gliding 6 inches off the road. Instead of taking cars for short trips, people prefer gliding their way to the morning newspaper stack and back.

It is quite easy to ride motorized skateboards, even if you have never been on them before. Perhaps, they are much more easier than regular skateboards as you can have your both feet on the deck. An electric skateboard can be controlled using a controller that manages the acceleration and braking. Although it can be a lot of fun, the bulky batteries make it quite burdensome and not-so-fun to use. Therefore, Skatetek has come up with Skullator – an electric skateboard that is not only stylish, but also, powerful to give you an easy ride through any terrain.


Let’s begin with the looks, because you definitely would want to show it off on the road. Our most popular Skullator model is a yellow-colored street surfer. It has an airbrushed skull-printed design and a deck made out of Canadian Maple Wood. Skullator has attractive pieces of hardware including four-wheels, a brushless motor and batteries. It is powered using one of the finest aircraft grade components .


The Skullator along with its battery weighs 28 kg/61 Lbs. It can withstand a maximum load up to 150 kg (330 Lbs).


Skullator has an ability to reach a top speed of 50km/hr (31 mph) and has a motor power of whooping 1500 watt. Thanks to its all terrain super-grip air tires, you can ride this bad boy anywhere, from sandy beach pavements to grassy sidewalks. Are you into dirt skateboarding? No worries, the skullator is prepared to tackle even the muddy road terrains.


This motorized skateboard allows you to get from point A to B without having to put much efforts. All that the rider needs to do is control the speed using a wireless remote controller and of course, maintaining a balance, too.


The board features an ABS braking system allowing the novice skateboarders to gradually slow down as they approach a downhill or a stop sign. Skullator takes the safety and utility of a longboard to a whole new level.


The lithium battery takes about 3 to 5 hours for charging and has an input voltage of 90-250v.

Now let’s Start Riding

Being on Skullator electric skateboard is one of the best feelings of motion you will ever experience – more than riding a motorcycle or even driving a car. It provides both – body engagement of a sport and the performance of a vehicle. Skatetek caters urban commuters, professionals, beginners and anybody who is looking to have some skating-fun.

Browse our online shop for more electric skateboarding products.

Fantastic Skating Gifts for Teenagers

Skateboarding is a popular sport, particularly among teenagers. Most of the famous professional skateboarders turned pro during their teen years. Today more and more teenagers are showing interest in riding electric skateboards – well who can blame them, skateboarding is hell lotta fun!!

If you are shopping for a teenager, you must have realized by now how challenging this task can be. The evolving trends make it critical to choose something they will absolutely love.

Most teenage boys, and girls too, are fond of skateboarding. This stylish sport has spread its craze all over Canada, making more and more companies to produce skate gear. If you are looking for a fantastic gift idea for a skateboarder, here are some options:

1) Skateboarding accessories – Most skateboarders wear skateboard apparels and accessories from popular skate brands even when they are not skating. A helmet or a backpack makes a fantastic gift idea. There are other skateboard accessories that every skater would love to have, like a grip tape.

2) A skateboard – Nothing can be better than buying an entirely new skateboard for a teenager. Consider motorized skateboards – they are wireless and have an ABS braking system. When it comes to the selection, you will be spoiled with choices in deck size and shape, weight, maximum speed and distance range. If in doubt, send the recipient pictures of various skateboards and tell them you will buy a skateboard of their choice.

3) Skateboarding gift certificates – Those who are completely unaware about this sport and don’t know where to begin, pick up a gift coupon from an on-line skate shop, and allow the skateboarder to find his or her own equipment and accessories.

4) Magazine subscriptions – The skateboarding magazines are popular for demonstrating new tricks, and reviewing the skateboarding equipments. A magazine subscription can be enjoyed all year long and the skateboarder can also share those magazines with his or her fellow skateboarders. This is a great gift idea if you are unsure about skateboarding equipments.

5) A skateboard rack – Skateboards can be very expensive; if left on the ground, they can badly get damaged. All riders should protect their boards by placing them in safe spots. A skateboard rack is an ideal choice for most skateboarders, as it is something they will rarely buy, but something that they will regularly use.

Since skateboarding has increasingly become popular, there are good chances that teenagers will love skateboard items as a gift. Support their favorite sport by choosing one of these irresistible skateboarding gift ideas. From skateboarding accessories, electric skateboards to gift certificates, all these items will surely please the skateboarding enthusiastic. Still confused? Browse our on-line store to find incredibly amazing high performance wireless electric skateboards and their accessories. We can also provide the recipient a privilege of customizing his or her own electric skateboard.

Safety Tips | Electric Skateboards

Before you start riding electric skateboards, please be smart, cautious and learn the following safety considerations:

Always Wear A Helmet

You may feel confident riding your electric skateboard but it is always recommend to wear a helmet. It only takes one time for you to injure yourself and if you are without your helmet it can end up really bad. We always suggest that even if you don’t need it – wear your helmet. Your head is an important part of your body and you do not want to hurt or injure it. Be cautious and wear your helmet!

Your Board Can Lose Power And Electric Brakes

There are various reasons that can cause your electric skateboard to lose power in its electric brakes, such as a wireless radio interference, loose connection, dead controller batteries, or dropping the controller. If any of these scenarios occur, your board will turn into a regular non-motorized skateboard. Therefore, you must learn how to stop the board effectively without power and brakes to prevent yourself from injuries.

Throttle of the Remote Controller is Sensitive

The remote controller of the board has a very delicate throttle and even a slight pull can result in a jolt of power on your board. Make sure to gradually ease into the throttle to gain a balance and prevent yourself from falling off the skateboard. Electric skateboards are very powerful, but once you learn how to use their controls effectively, you’ll start enjoying their responsiveness. Please ride with caution and prevent yourself from injuries.

Riding Uphill And Reaching High Speeds

Without focus and caution, riding the board uphill and reaching its highest speed can be very dangerous. Always plan ahead and know what to do in-case of an emergency. Pay attention to the floor underneath, and try to steer clear of cracks and potholes.

Vehicles And People Around You Can Get Hurt

There’s no need to rush as your life and other lives around you are worth more than reaching a few minutes early. If you feel that a particular area is unsafe, it is recommended to pick up your skateboard, wait and/or continue riding in a safer area. Assume that vehicles around you do not recognize you at all, they do not know you are there and stop. Let them take a turn and then continue riding. Be safe and cautious.

Riding Uphill And Reaching High Speeds

Without focus and caution, riding the board uphill and reaching its highest speed can be very dangerous. Always plan ahead and know what to do in-case of an emergency. Pay attention to the floor underneath, and try to steer clear of cracks and potholes.

Vehicles And People Around You Can Get Hurt

There’s no need to rush as your life and other lives around you are worth more than reaching a few minutes early. If you feel that a particular area is unsafe, it is recommended to pick up your skateboard, wait and/or continue riding in a safer area. Assume that vehicles around you do not recognize you at all, they do not know you are there and stop. Let them take a turn and then continue riding. Be safe and cautious.

Thank You!

We at Skatetek – Thank you in advance for being safe and enjoying what we enjoy selling most “electric skateboards”. Do not forget to check out our limited edition Eagle Electric Skateboard with reverse technology.

Buying a Skateboard For Transportation Purposes

jams, parking hassles – getting from point A to B in a city can be physically and mentally exhausting. Skatetek believes that buying a skateboard can make trips around town easier and more fun.

We aren’t talking about an ordinary board. We bring you a wide range of motorized skateboards.

Yes! Riding endlessly without needing to put manual efforts has become possible with an electric skateboard. It could be used by tourists, commuters and anyone who is looking to have some fun.

Feel free to take it to your classroom, to an office, and onto a bus. With an electric vehicle that weighs 28 kg/61 Lbs, you’ll change the way you think about vehicles.

So what’s more amazing about an electric skateboard?

  • They are really fast. Fifty kilometers per hour may not sound fast to car drivers, but that’s quite peppy for a skateboard. It helps get the chores done quickly.
  • Besides being fast, they are great fun. Take a fun ride with your friends to the local park or museum without getting stuck in the maddening traffic.
  • They give you a feeling like you are flying (very low). When you are riding the board around, you usually look forward – meaning that you do not see your feet. It’s similar to just gliding five inches off the pavement.
  • They are not bulky. You can meet a friend somewhere and throw you board in a trunk to drive elsewhere.
  • They are easily controllable. With every motorized skateboard, you receive a wireless remote that governs the acceleration and regenerative braking.
  • They are very easy to ride, even if you’ve never been on a skateboard before. In fact, they are much easier than an ordinary skateboard because you have both feet placed on the deck.

The problem of continuous congestion and accretion that invades urban transportation is addressed by some of the smartest engineers at Skatetek. We provide a remedy to the situation of growing populations, auto accidents, road repairs, and other factors by introducing an exciting range of electric skateboards to meet your needs and budget.

Walking or biking may reduce traffic and parking hassles, but come with other issues as well. No one wants to wake up an hour early to walk or break into a sweat before a eight-hour work day. Buying a skateboard on our online website is as easy as riding it. You can also buy skateboards parts online.

Tips on Buying an Electric Skateboard – Skatetek Electric Skateboard

Here are a few ways to ask the right questions and tips on what is a good electric skateboard.All skateboard companies will boast that they have the best products. Ultimately it boils down to a few simple key factors.

  1. The most important and I stress the most important question of all in the history of electric skateboard issss , battery range, let’s face it, you are buying an electric skateboard to ride as far as you can, as long as you can  , you want to go and go and go and go, the battery is your gas tank ,a good branded battery and high amps determines your hours of fun. Sony and Samsung lithium batteries are currently the best in the market. Only a few companies offer these for electric skateboards. Lead acid batteries are way too heavy and have a very short range, trust me , lithium is the way to go, you will spend more money but will have more fun and longer range , after all that’s the purpose of buying and electric skateboard. P.s the battery is the most expensive component in an electric skateboard.
  2. I do not understand why people pay 2000 dollars for a street only electric skateboard that only has a battery range of 6 miles. Is it the smartness of the selleradvertising, or the dumbness of the buyer for not doing homework?You want to travel 6 miles, get a conventional $80.00 skateboard.
  3. Second is type of motor, the brushless motor is currently the best as you can’t turn on a dime with a 60 lbs skateboard , so you need a brushless motor to provide reverse. You also need to have motor protection against overheating, if that occurs. Once again, you are buying and electric skateboard for ease of use, to make your life easy and fun.
  4. Forget the deckdesign, it’s just a piece of designed printed grip tape, hell you can design it yourself unless it is custom airbrushed , The new bamboo decks are much more durable, lighter and stronger than the maple decks, (Indonesian Bamboo is awesome) you may also want to find a brand that is constantly upgrading its technology, let’s face it, tech is moving forward, you want to be able to keep up, the old 800 watt skateboards are history, they are old, old tech, old control modules, old brushed motors, all old. Get with the tech. New tech has provided much safer electric skateboards , much faster , high torque and much lighter boards. (Check out Skatetek Raptor)
  5. Wireless remote controls have improved. It has been TechEd up from 2.4 g to 3 g.
  6. Let’s talk about the trucks. Old metal steel trucks are heavy and buckle easily if your board hits the side walk. New technology is the magnesium alloy trucks which are lighter and stronger; these materials are used in the manufacture of aircraft.

Courtesy of SkatetekInc

Official Blog of Skatetek – Adventure Tips for Skateboard Fun

The History of the Electric Skateboard

It should come as no surprise that at Skatetek we’re big fans of motorized boards. We’re not the only ones though. We follow in the footsteps of some inventive boarders, who at the end of the day, just didn’t think they were going fast enough.

Have you noticed the same trend we have? It started when the Horse & Buggy, became the car. Then the bicycle became the motorcycle. So, it doesn’t really seem like a stretch that the skateboard became the electric skateboard, does it? Putting a motor on a form of transportation that didn’t start out with one, is kind of what we do. First, you make it go. Then, you make it go faster, go further, go for longer! Skateboard, meet the twenty first century, we think you’ll like it here.

In fact, the electric skateboard got its start in the 1970s when a few avid boarders weren’t having as much fun as they could getting from point A to point B. Using the engines they liberated from their parents lawn mowers, weed whackers and chainsaws, they attached the motors to their boards, and bam – created the first electric skateboard. Somehow, I doubt that this is what their parents meant when they said “go mow the lawn.” Regardless, they started a revolution. That’s what innovation is all about. You take something good, and make it even better.

By the 1990s, electric boards on the shelves – not the kind Macgyvered together with spare parts and borrowed motors – set you back upwards of $1500, that’s over $2000 in 2015 dollars! And they weren’t nearly as sleek as they are today. The logistics of these boards was still being worked out. Their heavy motors, and batteries with short life spans were throwing off the balance of the boards significantly. Remote controls were usually connected with cords, and you couldn’t really go all that fast, for all that long. They were good, but they were about to become so much better.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that electric skateboards were getting the R&D they needed to hit the shelves in a big way. Smaller electric motors, stronger batteries, and more reliable wireless technologies were being improved. We didn’t waste any time getting this technology on our boards.

At Skatetek, we’ve done our research. We’re not the least expensive board out there, and we have no interest in being that board. We use the highest quality of the best technology we can source. On our boards you can zip around at go up to 59 km/hour using the 3G wireless remote controller. Not only that, but you can be on the road for up to 40km before you have to recharge, which takes 2-4 hours using our Sony Lifepo 4 batteries. Choose from our seven different models featuring 150 Watt to 3500 Watt powers.

Whether you’re looking for a more environmentally conscious and convenient way to get to work, or you’re looking to upgrade your current board, we have the electric skateboard for you.

Skatetek Layaway Plans | Electric & Motorized Skateboards


Layaway Plan – Terms and Conditions

  1. There is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIREMENT for using our Layaway Plan.
  2. We will hold your layaway item(s) for a period of up to three (3) months.
  3. We require three (3) equal payments per month received by the 15th/30th day of each calendar month on all layaway purchases.
  4. Layaway contracts are non-transferable.
  5. A valid picture ID is required to enter into a new layaway contract with Skatetek Incorporated.
  6. Refunds are given if you cancel or fail to pay on any layaway purchase. However, a twenty percent (20%) holding fee will be deducted from your payment. Upon cancellation, the said product in your layaway will be put back on the market. Holding fee includes:
    • Service Fee – It covers the costs incurred by the Skate Incorporated to process multiple layaway payments and keep items off their live shelves for storage under layaway program.
    • Cancellation Fee – These are the charges the purchaser has to pay if the said layaway program is canceled before term completion or the purchaser is unable to make all the payments by the due date.
  7. The contract can be printed online with our official Skatetek website. Signed contract will also need to be sent to us via email (sales be advised that the product you purchase using this plan will not be placed on hold until your initial deposit is received.
  8. Upon final payment, in-store layaway items will be immediately made available to the purchaser.
  9. We will notify you via email and/or telephone when your payment and signed contract is received by us.
  10. If you wish to pay in full, earlier than the given period, the purchased product will immediately be sent to you thereby ending your layaway contract for the said product.
  11. You cannot make changes to the layaway contract or terms and conditions.
  12. An additional three percent (3%) surcharge/ holding fee (depends on the item that you will buy) will be added upon ordering the product.
  13. Shipping and taxes fee (depending on your location) will be added to the account of the buyer.
  14. For question please contact us through 1800-337-7276 for US and Canada clients (+1)647-996-9094 for International clients or at .

Leading Suppliers of Electric Skateboards | Skatetek


Leading Suppliers of Electric Skateboards

A Message From The CEO Of Skatetek Inc

We are not the cheapest electric skateboard producers out there, and we refuse to be the cheapest, we will not compromise the safety of our customers and the quality of our products over a few dollars.

Our Electric Skateboards are manufactured under strict international standards  and our further advancement in technology, research and development  is what makes us number 1 in the world today.

Alvin Naicker
CEO Skatetek Inc

Are you the ultimate thrill-seeker?

If so, you have come to the right place! We are currently the worlds most advanced, manufacturer, online professional retailer, distributor and supplier of high quality wireless electric skateboards currently available on the market. As we currently specialize in just wireless electric skateboards we are able to offer unique designs of quality boards at extremely competitive rates. We offer great selection, all ranging from deck size and shape, maximum speed, weight, and distant range.

We currently offer seven different models ranging from 150Watt to 3500Watt. All our electric skateboards come equipped with ABS braking system to allow the rider to slow down or stop without the wheels locking and potentially throwing the rider off. All boards come with the latest 3G wireless hand held remote controller.

Electric skateboards are perfect solution for your transportation needs. Whether you ride it to work or to the store, cruise around the campus, or are just looking for new thrill, the electric skateboard delivers. These Skateboards are Amazing, Exciting, Thrilling and Fun to ride! Once you have ridden our electric skateboards you will never look back.

10 reasons why you should buy SKATETEK’s Electric Skateboards

  1. We produce the most amazing high performance wireless electric skateboards
  2. You have the privilege of customizing your own electric skateboard.
  3. You have an easier access of buying it online and we ship worldwide.
  4. We use high quality materials in making our electric skateboards to provide an excellent customer satisfaction.
  5. We offer wide range of products that suits everyone else’s lifestyle.
  6. We create these electric skateboards to be eco-friendly so not only you can benefit but also mother nature.
  7. You can go up to 37 mph and it can be easily controlled using its remote controller.
  8. This rechargeable electric skateboard can take you up to 40 km/25 miles before you need to recharge again and the amazing thing is, it would only take 2-4 hours for you to charge the Sony lifepo 4 batteries.
  9. It is an affordable means of transportation.
  10. This lightweight electric skateboard will bring you into your destination in a faster way separating you from traffic.

Win A Skateboard Contest | Skatetek



YOUR $5 can change a kid’s life.


In tribute for the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil, our company Skatetek Electric Skateboards is launching this contest for the benefit of the less fortunate kids in Brazil. With just $5 you will be changing the life of these kids in your own little way. Together, let us help hand in hand to have them experience how awesome life is. Let us share our blessing.  but wait, not only that coz if you will join/donate, you will automatically have a chance to win our LIMITED EDITION 2014 WORLD CUP BRAZIL ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD worth $1,699. We will ship it for free anywhere you are in the world.


  • visit
  • click on WIN A SKATEBOARD  logo
  • click DONATE (you can donate via paypal or debit/creditcard)
  • fill up need informations
  • click send
  • then you are DONE.
  • THANK YOU!:)

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Contest terms and conditions:

  • per $5 DONATION is equivalent to one chance of WINNING the LIMITED EDITION 2014 World Cup Brazil  Electric Skateboard that is worth $1,699.
  • promo date is from March 6, 2014 until the last day  of the world cup (July 13, 2014).
  • upon the end of the promo, we will draw the lucky contestant/donor with the help of our board of representatives via electronic draw. SO THE MORE DONATIONS YOU GIVE, THE MORE CHANCES  OF WINNING! 
  • SKATETEK will shoulder the shipping fee of prize anywhere around the world.
  • In the event of any dispute regarding the contest the conduct or results of the competition, or any other matter relating to a competition, the decision of judges  shall be final and unchallengeable and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into, comment issued, or reason given in respect of any decision made boards.


1500W LIMITED EDITION 2014 WORLD CUP BRAZIL  Electric Skateboard

  • Deck Style: Canadian Maple Wood customized Airbrushed World Cup 2014 logo and design.
  • Motor Power: 1500 watt (High Torque)
  • Maximum Speed: ≤ 50km/hr (31 mph)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 150 kg (330 Lbs)
  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
  • Wheel Style: All Terrain Super-grip Air Tire
  • Battery Input Voltage: 90-250v
  • Battery Capacity: Lithium 20 Amp (Extended Life For Longer Use)
  • Transmission: Belt Drive (Brushless motor, Aircraft Grade
  • Reverse Technology
  • Abs Regenerative Brakes
  • Starter: Interference-free Wireless Remote Controller + 2 Adjustable Speed Settings (Low And High speed) Blue Tooth Technology
  • Auto Power Shut Off: Yes
  • Independent Spring Suspension Trucks With newly innovated stablizers. (Aircraft Grade)
  • Weight Of Complete Board With Battery : 28 kg / 61 Lbs

Efficient ways to Order online Skateboard | Skatetek


3 Easy Ways to Place an Order!


The fastest and most efficient way to place your order is through our online store. It’s safe and secure, simply select the item you would like to purchase and click on “Add to Cart” then proceed to “Check out”. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for online orders.


If you are not comfortable shopping online you can always give us a call at 1800-337-7276 to place your order. Payment for phone orders can be made by Visa or MasterCard.


You can e-mail the product description and quantity requested for your email order as well as the shipping address to We will then send you a notification of your total cost (including shipping). Due to credit card company regulations, we cannot accept credit card orders by e-mail. Please see under PAYMENT METHODS for other payment options available.

Payment Methods We Accept

Online Payment Methods:

  • Visa
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  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Alternate Payment Methods:

  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Wire/Bank Transfer
  • Please note wire transfers are released for shipment upon verification from our bank.

Basic Faqs on Electric Skateboards | SkateteK


  • Do You Ship Outside Canada?

Answer: Yes, We Ship All Over The World.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We accept all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. You may also pay by western union, money gram or wire/bank transfer

  • I feel uncomfortable using my credit card online. How can I order through the online store?

Answer: You can pay by western union, money gram or wire/bank transfer if you don’t wish to use your credit card for your online.

  • How can I check shipping costs before ordering?

Answer: If you need a shipping quote before you place an order please call at +1 647 996 9094 or e-mail us your complete shipping address along with your country and postal code to You will be e-mailed a shipping quote based on the information provided.

  • How do I place an order?

Answer: You can order online, call us or order via email.

  • Will I be charged sales tax on my order?

Answer:We only charge sales tax on orders shipping within Canada.

  • How is sales tax determined?

Answer: Sales tax is determined according to the shipping address. If your billing address is in British Columbia but your shipping address is in Ontario, Ontario sales tax will be charged to your order.

  • After I pay, when will my item ship out?

Answer: Shipments are made within 24-48 hours of order. Orders are shipped and delivered on business days (Monday through Friday, except major holidays).

  • When will I receive my order?
2 to 5 business days from the ship date(except for remote areas)3 to 5 business days from the ship dateCan take up to 7 business days from the ship date
  • Do I need any previous skateboarding knowledge for using an electric skateboard?

Answer: Not at all!!! Our skateboards are easier to ride than any conventional skateboards as they come with a self train simulator. If you have board riding skills you will easily up and riding immediately. Just squeeze the trigger and go. If you never ridden a skateboard before it will take you as little as 30 minutes to learn(depending on the person’s ability).

  • Are wireless electric skateboards suitable for all ages?

Answer: Our Skateboard is designed for use by riders ages 14 and up. However with close adult supervision, children above 7 years old can try to ride at the lowest speeds.

  • Is the Electric Skateboard dangerous?

Answer: Our electric skateboard is no more dangerous than any other active outdoor sports such as snowboarding or skating. Be sure to always wear protective gear such as helmet, knee pads and wrist guards and also please read our Safety Tips.

  • How fast does it go?

Answer: It depends on the model, the terrain & your weight, but about 60km/h is the maximum speed of the fastest model. Please note that the rider is in complete control of the speed and brakes at all times.

  • How do you make turns on the Electric Skateboard?

Answer:Similar to skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding you simply lean or press your weight forward or backward to turn in either direction.

  • What is the board’s maximum weight capacity?

Answer: Up to 150kg, depending on the model. Do not ride any board if your weight exceeds maximum limits of the particular board model. Also, please do not ride with more than one person on the board.

  • How much does it cost?

Answer: Current models range from $1199 and up to $2500.

  • Does it have brakes?

Answer: Yes, all our skateboards come with ABS brakes.

  • Can I ride on public streets?

Answer: Our boards are not intended for operation on public streets, roads or highways , although it has been ridden on the sidewalks.

  • What kind of surfaces can I ride them on?

Answer: Ride only on relatively smooth, hard surfaces. Riding on anything else will result in damage to the electronics and require repair. Do not operate the electric skateboard in traffic or on wet, loose gravel, frozen, uneven or oily surfaces, or near people or other vehicles. Only our 1200W-3500W electric skateboard can be ridden on grass and gravel and on the beach too.

  • How long is the warranty on these skateboards?

Answer: We offer 90 days warranty on battery, motor, remote controller and microcomputer. Please refer to our warranty policy for full details on our warranty.

  • What distance can I travel on a single charge?

Answer:About 20-40 km per charge with the lithium battery and 10-15 km with the lead acid battery.

  • How long does it take to charge?

Answer: Recharging takes approximately 3-5 hours.

  • Do your boards come fully assembled?

Answer: All our boards come fully assembled and can be used right away.

  • What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

Answer: You should be able to re-charge the batteries 100-200 times before there recharged life is substantially reduced.

  • How do I prolong battery life?

Answer: Keep your batteries fully charged and store it in a dry place at all times.

  • Do your boards come fully assembled?

Answer: All our boards come fully assembled and can be used right away.

  • What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

Answer: You should be able to re-charge the batteries 100-200 times before there recharged life is substantially reduced.

  • How do I prolong battery life?

Answer: Keep your batteries fully charged and store it in a dry place at all times.

  • How should I store the board?

Answer: You should store you board in a dry place in a horizontal position, not standing upright.